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Vivacious sold April 2018

Another client's horse, Vivvy was sent to us to bring on in her training and prepare for sale.  She found a delightful family where she went on to become a 13 yo's first horse.  We wish this new combination all the best for their future and know they won't go wrong with the horse with a true heart of gold.
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Albie sold April 2018

This dear boy had such a kind heart and again sold to the first family to try him.  He was a very successful dressage horse winning many titles for his previous young rider and it looks like he is now set to go on and win a lot more for his next young rider, just coming off ponies.  We couldn't think of a better first hack!
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Brax sold March 2018

This dear boy was sent to us by his owner to find him his next loving home and he sold to the first family to try him.  Regular reports keep us updated with how well he is doing!!

He certainly sounds like a very loved member of his new family.
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Unflappable Kevin sold March 2017

Oh how we miss this dear girl!  The star of several of our videos and certainly the star of the video "Unflappable Kevin" that went viral was sold to a gorgeous lady and now lives in Malaysia.  We follow her on Facebook.  She is quite the following and is known as #amarecalledkevin

She came to us with some anxiety issues and look how far she came!  There was nothing this dear girl would not do for her rider by the time she left us.  We LOVE you Kevvie, you are one special girl!!
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Funky Chicken BHS sold Dec 2017

Having first sold Funky, at the age of 8 to his first young rider coming off ponies, I was delighted when I was asked, 3 years later, if I could have him back to find his next home.  This was a hard sale for his owners as he was part of the family.  But the great news is, he has now sold to an existing client which means we get to have him back at home with us all at Brookby Heights. 

He really is the sweetest boy and I think he loves being back too. 
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Pumba "Nouveau Heights BHS" sold 2017

The star of our Pumba videos that went viral, Pumba found a wonderful home here in NZ with a young girl coming off ponies to continue with show jumping.  Pumba, by Mighty Heights and out of our good mare Cordenza was a delight to have and compete and certainly made making our crazy videos a lot of fun and very easy, as anything we asked her to do was no problem.

Scooter sold 2017

This gorgeous big boy was sent to us by his breeder to on sell. By Mighty Heights and out of a Clydie mare, we knew he would have to be a big gentle teddy bear and he certainly was.  In no time he was ready for sale and sold very quickly to a lady in the SI who wanted a solid, safe, reliable hunter.  He was only 4 but you would never have thought it!


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This dear wee pony, who came from the 2012 muster straight to us, as part of our TV series "Horsing Around NZ" found a fabulous home with a little girl who had lost her confidence on an existing pony.  Well Ceecee was perfect as she did not have it in her to do any wrong.  She moved up to the Bay of Islands where she has been living the life of riley!

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Bella Rossi

This beautiful Friesian cross mare was a delight to have and train at Brookby Heights.  Sold on behalf for her owners to a family who are set to compete her in dressage, show jumping, show hunter and eventing she will be in her element.  We will miss her always hanging over the gate hoping she is the next to be caught and brought in.  She sure has an adorable personality.


This young Mighty Heights gelding was bought by a young rider who needed a horse to develop her confidence.  Louis was just the ticket as we enjoy hearing how they are going and all they fun they are having.  Temperament is everything and this young fellow has proven that.



This dear wee filly who was the first foal born in domesticated life from our Ceecee has been sold to a lovely home to be brought on as a kid's pony.  Her temperament is exceptional and she is a confident people lover, the perfect nature for a kid's fun pony.  She is already reported to be going kindly and willingly under saddle! A true compliment to the incredible Kaimanawa breed. 

Sensational Heights BHS

Clety Pete as he's known is a much loved member of our team but it is very exciting to see him go to his new owner who not only is an up and coming talented young rider to be watched for the future but she already owns our gorgeous Grapuffador BHS!

His new owner Kiri is already competing him in dressage with wins and placings in level 1 and 2 and is looking forward to taking him up through the grades.


Funky Chicken BHS

This hugely loved and respected horse at Brookby Heights has been purchased by one of our existing clients for her first hack!  Straight off ponies, with only a short time on them she fell in love with Funky and he with her.  Annie, his new mother is a young lady with a lot of natural talent, a passion for horses and a drive to go all the way to the top.  This pair couldn't be more perfect.
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Aspiring Heights BHS

A truly talented horse with a massive future, we were delighted when he was sold to one of our clients who already has two of this guy's older siblings!!  Aspiring Heights is extremely competitive as an eventer as well as a show jumper and he is now off with his new owner to compete in both disciplines.  It's even more special as he has been sold to our old fav working pupils Harri!! Harri was the one to start Mitch on his eventing career so it is great to see her reunited with him. 

Grapuffador BHS

This very well loved Mighty Heights youngster has been sold to a young girl that I taught to jump on this very horse 2 years ago when she was only 10.  She has come such a long way over the past 2 years and is ready for her next competition horse.

We look forward to following her progress with our dearly loved little "Vision". 

Savvy Heights BHS

An absolute character, delight to work with and talented to boot.  We are delighted that Bubbles was bought by one of our existing clients so he will be staying on to agist at Brookby Heights and I get to assist his new mother, Kate with his future career with her!
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Livanto BHS

This was a very popular horse at Brookby Heights, infact one that from the very first start he had XC showed he was a horse that, like his sire Mighty Heights, could go all the way to 4 star.  Luckily for us, he was purchased by one of our existing clients so he remains at Brookby Heights and we are very excited about his future with his young, ambitious, hard working and talented new owner.

Mighty Balu BHS

This adorable, talented 5yo young man has been sold to a lady returning to riding after some time off.  We are delighted she chose this guy as he's a very sweet, genuine boy and she will give him all the attention and care he deserves.  We are very fortunate that he is remaining at BHS to graze so we don't have to say goodbye!
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Thornfield Mackin

This gorgeous and super genuine guy, not to mention talented! has been sold to a family I know, so it is reassuring to know that he has gone to a very loving and caring home who already appreciate and enjoy him and love him to bits.  As he is staying at BHS to graze I we don't even have to miss him!


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Light The Way BHS

The much loved Chippie has found a wonderful new home.  As probably the most affectionate and kind hearted horse I have ever known he will be missed by all at BHS.  He has been sold to a very talented up and coming 13 yo rider who I am happy to say I train and am looking forward to working with her and therefore keeping in close contact with my dear Chip!


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Magical Heights BHS

This amazing young horse has been sold to our buyer in San Fran Cisco where many of  our horses have gone, to further a career as a Show Jumper. 

We are delighted that he too has been sold to such a great barn although being the talented, much loved character he was we will miss him on our team.
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Magical Heights BHS by Mighty Heights showing his incredible back end while competing in show jumping. 

He did love to go out of his way to be clean!
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Holy Smoke

This gorgeous guy has been sold to a fabulous competitive family in Auckland, New Zealand whose daughter, Maddy,  also owns and successfully competes Highlight BHS purchased from us earlier 2011.

We are delighted they chose to buy him as anyone who knows young 13 yo Maddy knows how much fun she can be to work with!  We are looking forward to helping her at the shows with this gorgeous guy and Highlight BHS.
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Highlight BHS

Stunning natured, versatile 7yo mare by "Mighty Heights" sold 2011 to an enthusiastic 13 yo girl in Auckland as her first hack to compete in everything from Pony Club, show jumping, show hunter and even some hunting. 

Camberley Rush

By Meersbrook Sparkling Ripples, this young horse was exported to San Francisco in 2011 as a four year old, to the same barn as many of our horses to have a future as a Show Hunter and Show Jumper.

Pictured here competing in the States where he is turning heads and much admired. 

Oakley Edition

17hh, 6yo paint crossbred gelding was exported to San Francisco, 2011, along with Camberley Rush to compete in Show Jumping.


Seance BHS

16.2hh gelding by "Mighty Heights" sold to China as a Show Jumper.

He was accompanied by two sisters who also will be embarking on a show jumping career in China.



Bree BHS

15.3hh mare by "Mighty Heights".  Bree has been sold to a young rider in Auckland, New Zealand to continue her show jumping career.  Bree's new owner also bought "Espresso BHS".  Bree and Espresso have a full sister "Brooke BHS" who is also a very successful show jumper in New Zealand, now residing in Australia.



Espresso BHS

16hh gelding by "Mighty Heights" sold to continue his career in Show Jumping.




Jaycee BHS

16.2hh gelding by "Mighty Heights" exported to The USA as an eventer.  Competed prior to this in New Zealand as an eventer and a 1.35m Show Jumper.

Mighty Ambassador

Highly successful eventer in NZ and also a show jumper up to 1.40m he was sold to a young rider in Cambridge, New Zealand to continue his career as a show jumper. 

"Paxle" as he's known is very missed by the team at Brookby Heights.  He has a delightful personality and is the first of the "Mighty Heights" offspring. He was also Karen's full-wire hunter in the winter so he had 3 full-time careers which he juggled all at once!

Paxle is very well loved by his new owner Amy, who is doing extremely well on the NZ show jumping circuit.

Clap Your Hands

A 16.2hh NZ thoroughbred, "Andy" was purchased by Brookby Heights due to his kind nature and willingness to work.  He has since been sold to China where he will be competing as a Show Jumper alongside his other stable mates from Brookby Heights Stud.

Luka Heights

A 3yo filly by "Mighty Heights" and full sister to Brooke BHS, Bree BHS and Espresso BHS, she has been purchased by our Chinese clients to have a career there as a Show Jumper.

Cleo Heights BHS

A 3yo filly who was also purchased by our Chinese clients for a future career in Show Jumping in China.  She was our first foal from the "Mighty Heights" x "Cordenza GNZ" match.


Fabulously talented show jumper exported to San Francisco, USA where he joins several of his stable mates as a Show Jumper.

Eskimo Joe

Exceptionally genuine nature "Jamie" was sold early on in his eventing career to a young rider in Auckland, New Zealand who has since then taken him on to CCI*** (Advanced) level with excellent results.


Spectacular Heights

16.3hh gelding by "Mighty Heights" started his competitive life here in NZ as both a show jumper and an eventer like his sire.  He was purchased by one of our clients who has bought many of our horses, in San Francisco, USA to continue his career as a Show Jumper.

This scopy youngster would effortlessly clear 1.60m as a 2 year old in the free jumping lane.
Dino_mod.JPG Spectacular Heights as a rising 3 year old being broken in.

Pimlico Punta

16.3hh gelding by Ramirez, Punta was sold to our client in San Francisco, USA as a Show Jumper.


16hh gelding of very successful breeding was sold to a young rider in Auckland, New Zealand as a Show Jumper where he is very much loved and part of the family.

The Apparition

Gorgeous young cross-bred, "Gizzy" was sold to a lovely family in Auckland, New Zealand where he has gone through the grades as an eventer and is a very much loved part of the family.

Kindred Spirit

Kind, genuine NZ bred Thoroughbred by Moon Spirit, "Danny" is now in the USA where he was sold as an Eventer.


17.2hh black gelding cross-bred, gentle giant was sold to a horse passionate family in Cambridge where he is much admired for his kind and gentle nature.


16.2hh NZ Thoroughbred was sold to our San Francisco client as a Show Hunter where he is competing very kindly.


Sold to San Francisco, USA as a Show Hunter where he joined up with several of our horses in the same barn.

Charmed BHS

Much loved by all at Brookby Heights Stud and full sister to Mighty Ambassador, affectionately known as The Beak, this 16.1hh mare by "Mighty Heights" was sold to a wonderful family in the South Island as a Show Jumper.  This family were so happy with her that they bought her younger sister, Paris as soon as she was broken in.  Both Beak and Paris are doing very well with their new owner.

Paris BHS

Sold to the same home as her big sister, Charmed BHS, Paris is now pursuing a career in Show Jumping.


TB gelding by Heroicity.  Charlie had an amazingly generous temperament and was sold to a lady in New Zealand who had been looking for her next horse for a while.  She was smitten at first sight!


Outstanding jump that saw no limits!  Hannah was sold to a competitive home in New Zealand.