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At Brookby Heights International we offer a wide range of training solutions for your horse from Breaking-In/ handling youngsters to retraining horses with behavioural problems, floating issues, jumping and schooling problems.  No horse is too feral, wild or mischievous for the team at Brookby Heights.  In fact, the bigger the challenge, the more we love working with them!

Some of our clients send their horses to help them advance to the next stage of their training, from improving their jump technique and gaining more mileage to training lateral work and flying changes.

Every horse is taken on as an individual therefore we quickly access the right approach for your horse to gain effective results that last.  The end result; a happy, relaxed confident horse that gives the rider confidence.  There is also excellent hacking all within a 10 minute drive around Brookby with access to beautiful hills, the beach, bridal paths, forests and farms.  All horses we break in are hacked towards the end of their stay with us so they have learnt to be confident in a variety of different situations, be well behaved in a group of horses as well as learn the independence to hack away from the group.