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"Hello Karen and Harriet,

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you have done with Monty.
I have held off contacting you before now as I am a very superstitious person
and felt that as soon as I had told you he was wonderful he would do
something bad.
However, time is getting on and it would be very rude of me not to get in
touch now.  I kid you not - the "golden one"  hasn't put a foot wrong.  My
friends are all totally bored with him now and have given up waiting for the
tantrums etc.
I took him to Crescent equestrian today - they have a lovely trotting track,
a show jump arena wash down etc. You can hire the track for $5! Lots of
forward motion, lots of transitions, canter strike offs-doesn't matter what
lead you get -you can just keep going. Monty had a (golden) ball. Afterwards
we hacked around the block on our own - no spooks - no stops no nothing just
a nice forward walk ears pricked.
We have been hacking in the forest also and go down to pony club regularly.
I decided to keep him going through the winter, just fun stuff, and maybe
look forward to a light trek before Christmas.

Thanks again. You are stars.   Hilary."

Toby came to us with some behavioural problems, he told his new owner and her friends that he absolutely did not want to be ridden by rearing several times, even going over backwards which really frightened his new owner...  After just a few weeks with us he was ready to return home but to help Tracy regain full trust, she was invited to come ride him with us as often as she felt was necessary until she felt confident she could take him home and carry on with his progress.
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"Thanks so much for taking me out for a hack yesterday, think it was the best thing ever for me.  You are so awesome and so is Harry and apart from paying my account lol I have no way to ever pay back what you two have done for me and for Toby for that matter.
I am going to get years of doing something I've loved since I was kid .. the love has always been there, the confidence not so much lol.  Even that one ride yesterday has made a huge difference, so thank you thank you thank you."
Tracy Ritchie and Toby
(Toby, left, with one of our fabulous Brookby Heights riders, Kendra)

"I actually still find a smile sneak across my face when I remember my first meeting with this woman who was going to help me out with my new acquisition, a 5 yr old paint gelding Dakota who was, let’s say, a little less than nice to be around? He’d had it a bit rough through the years we surmise, and I was desperate to find someone, anyone, who would have the knowledge, expertise but more importantly the compassion to help me to help him. I admit to being very apprehensive in sending him away, this was totally foreign to me and I was flying by my own gut-feeling that this lovely lady (via email contact only at this stage) did infact have the skills to help us.  I felt so embarrassed when I finally did see who we were lucky enough to have in our corner… Karen Teague OMG!  … (dear Karen never once made me feel the ignorant, idiot that I was! J)
Upon reaching Brookby Heights we were greeted by this little blonde ‘dynamo’ with the most brilliant smile you have ever seen! From the ‘get-go’  Karen’s professionalism and expertise was evident and that went one heck of a long way in reassuring me that I had indeed done the right thing, and found the right place for Dakota to be. I was soon very at ease and with further discussion, and Karen outlining how things might progress I was then so excited about the prospect of having a gentle, willing, safe and relaxed boy back at the end of this experience.   I am thrilled to be able to say that this is exactly what I do have in my Dakota today.  He is a different horse, and one that owes it all to the firm but gentle re-training Karen and her amazing staff provided. 
I owe you so much more than words can possibly say Karen. For all your kindness, expertise, advice. Not to mention all the extra help and support that you so readily gave, even long after you had waved us ‘goodbye’ as we disappeared down the drive at the end of Dak’s stay.
I still miss you guys terribly, and the giggles we always managed to squeeze in between the ‘real work’.  It was also terrific that at Brookby Heights we are able to be alongside the training process and able to learn alongside our horses the things we need to take away with us.  I will be singing your praises Karen (and those of your wonderful team also) for evermore, and once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You helped not only a wonderful  little horse to have a chance at a great life with a good attitude and no more fear or pain, but also you have given an old bird another chance to fly a little bit more before’ lights out’.  Love to you all"
Libby and Dakota
Wentworth Valley

"I have sent several mares to Karen to be served by Mighty Heights and have always been delighted with the care that they have received.  She has always kept me informed of their progress and I have been confident that they have been treated with respect and understanding.  The resulting offspring have also been exceptional and I will certainly be returning mares for the coming season."
Ruth Lucas, Auckland, New Zealand.

"I bought Steve from Karen as my first hack a couple years ago.  Steven is such a placid and kind natured horse. Karen has been helpful to me ever since I first saw him and still is to this day with maintaining my gorgeous boy. I feel very lucky to have him and from such a great place where he was able to mature and be ready to become my best mate!

Steven has recently become an actor in the movies and just had his first day "acting".  People were absolutely amazed at how good he was for a first time horse on a set. Like wow. So chilled and hardy anything phased him at all. I was very very proud!
Shelby Cooper, New Zealand.

"Hi Karen,
I just wanted to write to say thank you and how privileged we feel to be the owners of a Mighty Heights horse.
The transition from ponies to hacks can sometimes be quite problematic. The amazing nature of the Mighty Heights progeny and the training you have put into them has made this transition for my daughter not only seamless but an absolute delight.
It has completely rebuilt her confidence and reignited her passion; something I am eternally grateful for.
Again thank you."

Sue Dunmore, Auckland, New Zealand.

"I purchased Mighty Ambassador (Paxel) off Karen Teague in 2008. Paxel is very easy to handle, honest and laid back. When I bought Paxel I had only had one season in the hack ring. Therefore I was looking for an honest horse that wouldn’t be worried if I made a few mistakes. I have had a great two seasons show jumping Paxel with no problems. I have been competing him up to 1.25m and 3* junior rider. I am planning to compete him in young riders next season.

I would suggest a horse by Mighty Heights to anyone wanting an uncomplicated, honest, competitive horse that will excel in any discipline. Karen is a pleasure to deal with and provides an excellent service.
Amy Collinson, Cambridge, New Zealand.

"After hearing good things about Karen's breaking in program I asked her to break a three year old filly that I had bred.

The filly had had minimal handling and being brought out of the paddock into an environment where she was asked to stand in a stable and behave was a shock to her system to say the least.  I was very impressed with Karen's systematic, methodical way of handing her.  Karen was at all times firm but professional and I could see the filly making a complete transformation.

When the time came for me to see her being ridden and have a ride myself I was amazed that you were able to literally throw her tack on with no need to gently place the saddle on her back or be carefull with the bridle.  She was totally accepting and compliant.  She stood to be mounted from the ground and could be asked to walk trot and canter both leads - even a 10 meter circle at the canter.  When I rode her myself I was delighted at her quietness, her responsiveness to my leg and her lovely soft mouth.

I subsequently got Karen to break her younger brother with the same positive results.

Karen was at all times professional and fair to deal with.  She also was kind enough to help me further with my 2 young horses and still is the first person I will contact if I encounter a problem with their ongoing training.  In short she went above and beyond what she was contracted to do. I would highly recommend her for any breaking or training of any sort.
Emma Hagen
Waiata Sporthorses

"In November 05 I bred to Mighty Heights (MH).  The result was a stunning filly foal (Meg) and she been the most delightful animal to handle, very laid back and very friendly.  She has been easy to teach the basics and to break in.  I am happy to say she is a stamp of her father and I would like to breed another MH foal in the future.  Karen was always available throughout the mares pregnancy and is always willing to answer any questions I have.  Meg is currently grazing at Karen's stud and it is reassuring with her vast knowledge that meg is in the very best place for advancing her education."
Kate Malster, Auckland, New Zealand.