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Another service we offer is schooling of your horse both in dressage and jumping.  Many people find it easier to learn a new movement once their horse has mastered it first, such as flying changes, leg yield, shoulder-in, traverse and half-pass.  We are happy to add these new "buttons" to your horse and then work with you to be able to press them successfully! Charlie_flat.JPG


With years of experience in competitive Eventing and Show Jumping we are happy to work with your horse to train him in both Show Jumping and Cross Country.  Most horses really enjoy the free-jumping lane and learn to love jumping from the start.  With a correct and confident introduction to jumping your horse is quickly ready for competition.  We also enjoy working to improve an existing jumper's technique and rhythm. 

Many of our clients have sent us horses in the past to not only improve technique but to help horses who have started stopping gain confidence so they can then get back out and enjoy competing.  We work to discover the cause of the stop and then work with the horse to regain their confidence and willingness to jump, at the end inviting you, the rider to come out and have some lessons on your horse to regain your confidence as a unit.

We also enjoy introducing horses to cross country.  First experiences are very important for horses and our clients have enjoyed sending horses to us to start their XC careers.  This way horses learn that ditches and water jumps are fun from the very start and can quickly excel through the grades.

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