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Problem Horses

Whoa!  We've had them! Many owners have rung us at their wits end.  From 12hh ponies that have tried every trick to launch their rider from their back to 17hh horses who like to spend more time on two legs than four. We have a complete approach where we like to check the horses out first and foremost for pain or uncomfortable fitting gear.  When we are happy that there is no physical reason for the unwanted behaviour we start re-educating. 

Summer_flat.JPGAfter years and years of working with "problem" horses we have come up with a variety of methods that enable us to gain the horse's trust and respect and eliminate the problem.  We welcome you to be a part of this process by watching if you wish or giving you regular updates, photos and videos to mark his progress and when your horse is ready, riding him yourself under our tuition until you are confident and happy with his new found demeanour.

If you have a problem horse please feel free to contact Karen to talk through your concerns and what you would like to achieve.  Please also visit our testimonials page on feedback from owners we have helped with a variety of terrifying problems.