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Latest Graduates from Brookby Heights

These days we like to share the stories of our latest schooling horses through our Facebook Page Brookby Heights International.  We also send video clips to our clients of their horses as they progress with the work they do with us so their owners feel a part of and included in the process. 

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Bigguns with his Dad

This dear chap, aged just 3 wasn't the easiest to win over.  Although he didn't make the top 5 list of difficult horses to break in he comfortably made the top 10! 

He needed quite a different approach and in the end was worth all the extra effort, turning out to be not only the sweetest, happiest fellow, but talented and laid back too! 

We are sure he'll have a great future with his owners who intend hunting and show jumping him.
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Golden Balls

This cute little 3 year old was a delight from start to finish.  His owner, a dressage rider in the past bought him as just now wanted to hack so wanted him to be very safe and sensible in all sorts of situations.  Unfortunately, this gorgeous guy moved so beautifully that she could see she would be tempted to go back to dressage as well!

He has now left us to continue his future as not only a fun, relaxed horse to trek but also to pursue a career in dressage.
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Big Bertha

This big girl had started life on an orchard living with lamas and ostriches so wondered what the hell these weird large 4 legged animals were all over the place. 

An initial problem with authority was quickly ironed out in just one session and this big powerful girl then progressed very quickly.  As her owner would like to use her for hunting, Bertha needed to not only be broken in to be very relaxed and patient, but also had to learn to socialise well with other horses which was a very foreign concept for her. 

She has now gone home with her owner and we are sure they will have a great time on the field this winter!
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This gorgeous guy came to our boot camp division at Brookby Heights after failing to settle and giving his new owner no end of grief.

There were a couple issues picked up on and addressed at the beginning then his education could commence at a speedy rate.  Toby became a kind, relaxed fellow over the next few weeks trying hard in his flat work and jumping and a real delight to hack out in a variety of situations.  Due to a series of bad experiences had by his new owner, we welcomed her to come ride him several times before she took him home to become familiar with the new Toby and feel for herself that he now could be trusted.