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Breaking In

Euro_training_system_1.jpgWith more than 20 years experience we boast there isn't a horse yet that couldn't be broken in.  We break-in horses to your requirements.  With the majority of our clients being sport horse owners, emphasis for us is on producing a horse who is not only safe but a pleasure to ride.  Our horses learn balance from the start and a correct frame with a kind contact. 

It is important to us that your horse's first experiences with being ridden are positive ones.  This will show in many years to come.
Many of our clients love the regular photos emailed through to mark their horse's progress.

We also take your horse hacking at a variety of properties such as farms, beach and forest.


At the end of your horse's stay with us we ask you to come watch all he/she has learnt and ride your horse at our facility. Some owners even enjoy coming throughout their horses education to watch and learn along with their horse.  This is welcomed.

We are happy to offer on-going support and lessons.